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Official Forums Share your creations with other GMod Players
CyberGmod Community & Forums A community whom strives to do its best, no matter the barrier, with unique gameplay and many gameservers which are slowly being modified. This community welcomes any person. The community is monitored around the clock by its founders: Phoenixf129 and Scorpius289 and Co-Owner: Bzaraticus, aswell as having its fare share of admins, who keep the unhappiness to a minimum. It now has its own forum!
Darkland One of the greatest and biggest communities out there. Currently hosts servers using game modes; Fortwars, Stranded and SEOW RP.
DNRgaming Home of the of the top Trouble in Terrorist Town server for Garry’s Mod. <Dinosaurs! Ninjas! Robots!> (DNRgaming) is a community dedicated to the fun and friendly side of gaming. Unlike many communities out there, we’re not the ’serious business’ kind of group, and are always up for a laugh! The local gamer gym. Come and flex your muscles with the rest of us social failures :V
The D3vine The D3vine is a Garrysmod community striving to bring players a friendly build and roleplay environment on two of the higher ranked servers according to Game Monitor. Our build server is driven by a completely unique and custom admin mod named D3A and has a friendly administration. Our RP server is nearly always full of ambitious players ready to live their life to its fullest. Come give us a try!
Fortex Hotel A community based around Gmod with 3 servers, a mappers team, and a large forum (Customized completely by our founder, Ratboy). Our servers include Sandbox, Roleplay and Strict Build. Come and visit us in our servers! (Were currently searching for mappers, so give us a shout!)
FortFN Forums The home of PCMod and the upcoming release: PCMod 2. Feel free to check it out!
FriendlyPlayers A GMOD community with over 750 members, good leaders, admins, mods and players, it offers 5 GMOD Servers Including RP, fun build, Stranded, SpaceBuild and Zombie Survival and Many More CSS Servers Too!
Gatorspin Industries The Looney Bin: A small community of Garry’s Mod (and related games) players looking to expand. We may not be particularly friendly at first, but behave, act nice, and try to be helpful and we might just welcome you in. If you’d like to join the server, it’s highly recommended that you download the Gatorpack addon beforehand. Also, be warned that the server does not have a static IP and is run as a listen server; it’s not always going to be there and you’re going to have to pick it from the list manually. Community The Gmod.biZ community consists of Hardcore gamers and social animals that are tired of your typical Garrys Mod server. With dedicated players, friendly administrators and a variety of servers including RolePlay, Stranded, Build and Flood, the Gmod.biZ community is fun for everyone and easy to join. Our servers are always improving so join us today! Gmod.biZ [ Connect RP ][ Connect Stranded ]
GMod Engineers If you like making stuff in gmod, complex or not, AND you know you can get along with this rowdy bunch, then GME is the place for you!

We have our own Forums, Servers, Live TV (Movie Nights!), Steam group, a Music Player and last, but not least, lots of awesome people to hang around with!

GMod Forums A fairly large community with everything from tutorials to downloads. Accepts members new and old.
Gmod Friends A new community that offers a warm and loving welcome to everyone!
GMod Top Sites You can view a wide range of Garry’s Mod Communities and anything related here by rankings!
GmodSauce A small gmod community with a build server.
Gmod School A site dedicated to teaching you how to play and build in Garrys Mod.
Havoc Gamers A expanding multi gaming clan. With servers on Garry’s Mod, Counter Strike: Source, and Team Fortress 2. Join today by visit our forums. Havoc Gamers
HL2Land Community Roleplaying, Building, and Garry’s Mod Gaming Community.
HyperGaming Network A Network, built by gamers, made for Gamers, ranging from Gmod servers, Bf2, and san andreas multiplayer, it’s a big gaming network, waiting for you to come play, We Play To Win !
ICannt Community A relaxed community that currently offers 7 Garry’s Mod servers, including: Sandbox, Fretta, and RP (currently being worked on by ICannt’s team of developers).
JokerIce Community Site & Forums. The community that brings you excellent Garrys Mod gameplay, no matter what your styles are. With servers running popular gamemodes such as; Sandbox, Spacebuild, Stranded, Stalker and SledBuild, there is always a place for you. The evergrowing community welcomes any new players with a generous vigor to bring you the best experience of GMOD you will ever have.
Left4Green A big European community (Mr. Green) now got English forums. We got an awesome European Zombie Survival server and more.
LoungeGN Community Relaxed, laid back & casual Garry’s Mod gaming community. We offer you excellent Garry’s Mod Sandbox servers, and a lively community to interact with. We’re sponsored by EGN Australia, who also offer gaming servers for a variety of HL2 & non-HL2 based games. LoungeGN is founded by Flux, and driven by its community.
MingeBag Community A Old ServerCrasher and Exploiter Clan changed to a international community with lots of servers and own scripts, MingeBag_Admin_System was made to have a nice day on the servers.
Necropolis The first (serious) zombie apocalypse roleplay server. Led by Sorin, Locust and a plentiful admin team. Owns four servers set in the same universe running Rick Dark’s latest roleplay script, Epidemic.
NMDGaming NMD Gaming is a fun and experienced gaming community hosted in Australia which aims to provide stable and up to date server for its members. The community, founded by Moodog, Bean & RoaR, has significantly developed hosting a range of servers over different games and gamemodes.
Nocturnal Gaming Nocturnal Gaming is a gaming community hosted in Dallas, created by tascrafts (tas). Although Nocturnal Gaming is small, it has a very active and involved community. Though this may lead to disputes, there is always resolution in the end for the better. They host various servers, from Fretta, to Sandbox, to Build-Fight-Survive. If you like having a say in your community, follow the link!
NoXiousNet The oldest active server / community on GMod, created by JetBoom. Boasting a large user-base, intricate and exclusive gamemodes, multiple servers linked by a central account with a global shop and a live top players list where you can rank yourself and others. Currently hosting: Zombie Survival (official server), Mario Boxes 2D, Retro TeamPlay, RP, SandBox, and the new NoXious Team Play beta.
ON Gaming A new community with a sandbox server, Team Fortress 2 server, 2 Counter Strike Source servers, and more coming soon!
Planet WCA Friendly GMod community offering multiple servers with a variety of game-modes, as well as other multi-player games.
Requiem Servers A Growing community hosting Build and SpaceBuild servers, as well other games.
Sassilization Community based around the popular RTS gamemode Sassilization. is a rapidly growing community that has numerous servers for Garry’s Mod, TF2, CSS and L4D. Garry’s Mod server consist of the most popular gamemodes to date. Roleplaying, GoFish, Flood, Prop-Hunt, Spacebuild, Stranded, Simple Games and Sandbox. Friendly Admins/Moderators, ‘Mingebags’ not tolerated and are perma-banned on first rule break. As long as you follow the rules, you will get on fine at SG servers. Full list of servers available at:
SBMP/SBEP Community Wiki A fast growing community with friendly memebers and staff, unique modifications such as SpaceAge, mining and resource economy.
Steam Gamming Your one stop for all your steam needs.
SGC-Clan The community that’s host to Naval Roleplay, and the Waterworld flooding gamemode! Complete with a Stargate Fan base, too!
The Destroyrs A large, friendly, and less competitive gaming community that spans many games including Garrys Mod. Gmod Server coming soon.
The Morgue Very Large gaming community. We currently Have a 64 man spiked cider server coded by Conna Cook, Capture The Flag server, and A 24 man Flood 2 server coming soon.
Ulyssesmod Home of the powerful ULX Admin Mod, along with server info, and a forum for discussion and community-based plugins.
UNGamers A small community with 2 Garry’s mod servers specializing in Space Build space wars.
Winsauce Studios We are a vast gaming community, which started based firmly on GMod. We have since moved outwards, and now have

four GMod servers (Including our Fretta development server which we are using for the Fretta contest) , 1 TF2 server, two more GMod servers are planned. We are also developing our own flash game, Pokemon Destiny (On hold)

Wiremod Forums We are a fairly large community, mainly aimed at the popular/hated Wiremod addon.
Xuras Community Forums A community who joined together over the interest of the creation of maps such as the gm_botmap series and now making new maps that relate to Roleplaying. Starting development of a new gamemode made by anyone wishing to participate on the Xuras forums.


Site Name Description Official website set up to accomodate Garry’s Mod related downloads without waits. To upload files, you will need to register an account.
GLua SVN dumps updated every four hours, from the most popular SVN Projects


Site Name Description Official website which allows users to submit news for, mods, gamemodes, videos etc.
PureGamers A gaming news website which also posts news about Garry’s Mod and new gamemodes, maps and videos.


Site Name Description
Epic Life: The Autocellth Chronicles* A big group of people making a new GMod series called Epic Life: The Autocellth Chronicles, a trailer is available on the website.

Please Comment and Rate our website!

Lit Fuse Films A group of talented Machinima makers, Specializing in Garry’s mod and Constantly creating new content. Their works include The Ballad of Black Mesa, Rusty Whispers, Thunder Melon 2, War Of The Servers, Maintenance Man among others.

Mapping Communities

Site Name Description
FH Mappers A mapping group chaining off from the Fortex Hotel clan, its founder, Luke. A small team with a customized forum and open to applicants!


Site Name Description
BloodyChef Dedicated RolePlay Server A fantastically unique roleplay server which allows each player to levelup their character, opening up new job roles which is all saved on a 24/7 dedicated server. IRP is an advanced adaptation of DarkRP, a custom coded gamemode which you won’t find anywhere else thanks to Eusion and Sam. The community is equally great with round the clock admins, Adv.Dupe tool guns, up-to-date PHX and Wire Mod and so much more. Come join in the fun! Community The Gmod.biZ community consists of Hardcore gamers and social animals that are tired of your typical Garrys Mod server. With dedicated players, friendly administrators and a variety of servers including RolePlay, Stranded, Build and Flood, the Gmod.biZ community is fun for everyone and easy to join. Our servers are always improving so join us today! Gmod.biZ
Ground Zero RP We are a new Roleplay Community, ran by Ground Zero Designs. They are currently working on a new RP Script based off most of the popular scripts on Garry’s Mod currently. We are also modifying our current version of DarkRP 2.3.1 constantly, currently we have all CSS weapons available, and are adding new SWEPs and new jobs. We have our own server which is getting increasingly popular. We also have a forum, currently slow but hopefully it will be picking up soon!
Havoc Gamers A clan, created by leaders of former clans. Encourages clean and friendly fun. Servers on Garry’s Mod and Counter Strike: Source
H-ES Gamers Studios H-ES| Gamers Studios Has been around since March 24th 2009. We had a build server and now we are working on improving our roleplaying experience and we have high hopes on completing it this year.We are looking for developers if you are interested apply on the website. |H-ES| Gamers Studios]Connect RP.
Lunar Role-Play A new and rising Half Life Two Role-Play Community, centered on City RP.
PubGamer Roleplay Australia’s largest Half Life 2 Roleplay community. Getting bigger everyday and expanding our community into other areas. Loads of opportunites await. Lots of active and serious roleplayers. DarkRP has currently a DarkRP server running DownTown V2. Friendly Admins/Moderators, ‘Mingebags’ not tolerated and are perma-banned on first rule break. Custom coding allows you to buy cars, use different classes to expand the roleplaying. As long as you follow the rules, you will get on fine at SG servers. Full list of servers available at:
Squad Zer0 PuppetRP Squad Zer0 was founded by Master of Puppets (A.K.A Gishatako) and Lt. Streko. The gamemode we play on is called “Puppet RP” after Master of Puppets. It is a custom gamemode created by Master of Puppets. We have a various roleplay selection, we play Modern Civil War, CityRP, MedievalRP, and rarely AtomicRP [FalloutRP]. The server was manually created by MoP and usually runs throughout the day. If the server is not up it is usually down for work. Our community is small but it is growing. Our admins are trained in taking down minges and helping new players become good at roleplaying. All of our scripts are original content. This link brings you to our forums.
Taco ‘N Banana Serious HL2 Roleplay One of the largest roleplay community on Garrys mod. We supply our members with 5 different servers, all roleplay servers.
True-RP Community True-RP is now one of the biggest Garry’s Mod community’s in the world. Although the community was only started in Q3 of 2009 it has now become a large community with friendly players and admins. Our server runs a very customised Dark-RP that has a vehicle saving system and runs Evocity. The server is constantly being updated and maintained. Join the True-RP community today!
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