What do our GMOD customers say about our service?

These aren’t even close to all of the wonderful comments that we have received, just some that we have saved!

Xenon Servers Steam Group

[E|A] ?a???s: “My name is Jonathan Eckerson, and I have been buying servers from different providers for about three years now. I want to thankyou personally for having excellent service, amazing prices, great support, and quite possibly the best servers around. In just a few mere hours, I had people begging me to sell them admin, it was truly amazing. You are by far the best server provider I have ever purchased from, and I have never been happier. I am going to refer everyone I know to you, thankyou again for being awsome. My name is Jonathan Eckerson, and I am a Xenon customer for life!”

CyberAndy96: wow i cant beleave my pings this low

CrazyPilot: your service is way faster then Art Of War Central

G4M0R: your customer service is amazing

Nemaz.: I just switched from bloodservers to you guys and I’m impressed. I love your servers!

Haxor Kitty: Your servers are working great. No lag!

|KoT| Muffin Man: lol we cant crash the server. its the best

Le?oy Jenkins™ «DG.Own²»: I compliment +++ on your work with the server

|D4H?|{MDRP}TACO: i just bought a garrysmod server from you guys today and it’s simply the best server iv’e ever seen the hundreds of props it can take to even get the slightest effect on the servers ping is incredible your servers are the best out there, thankyou.

Stabby: best support ever

xgh – Mikk {LSRPS}: Xenon have a very good service :D

matttreck: you guys are the best server hosting company i have ever used


chuan-chuan: anytime i need a server i will go to you, my experience for just the last day has been great!

ImpureReality: Your server hosting was excellent. I appreciate all the hard work you put in to make such a good service. I would recommend any of my friends to buy your servers as I had absolutely no problems with it.

Brynladin: the time I have used with you was very good and in the future I will buy

christianf: i feel it was a nice host and i clearly wanna recommend you to others.

RohokTeyar: Your service was wonderful, and I have no regrets. I hope to use your services again in the future, and I thank you for the amazing month I’ve had!

amircastro: I just recently (yesterday), baught a CSS Mania server from you guys, and it’s great. Honestly I have no problem with the server. The price is great, the specs are great, I told all of my friends and they didn’t believe it.

LinkBuild2: Thanks Xenon Servers are great.

Ripper (RL): Must say i like the servers, great hosting. We are even runnig an add for them on the web pages in my group so all know to rent from them

craig: Thanks for hosting me!

[AF-L] N??g?l??³ |71M|: xeNON seRvers est beaST!!!1 hoasting

Banksy: Just purchased webhosting from xenonservers and it is bloody awesome!, I had from fatcow but it sucked. Load up time with them for my website was 6-10 seconds, with xenon it’s instant. Exspecially with all the server locations. There bloody great!

Iglz: I recently bought webhosting from XenonServers and it’s great.I was looking for affordable hosting with great features and support and XenonServers is just that.There is no better host for webshoting than xenon for the price.

Butters: These servers are pure win.

Matthew: I am in australia and my connection speed is sooooo good it’s unnatural.
Not only that but with other companies I have bee with it’s 3 bucks per server on GMOD!!!

On this it’s like 50 cents.

[TCC] Webwipe: These guys are ridiculously good, they are pain free to work with, and they will always help where they can. I would definately reccomend Xenon to anyone looking for a 24/7 pub, or even a scrim server.

Shyen: I just wanted to say that XenonServers is the greatest gameserver company out today! Not only is their support and owner, Brock, an excellent man, they help you with any problems you have and give their full cooperation! Everyone is friendly, their gameservers are FANTASTIC For an excellent cheap price! Be Sure to buy a server from XenonServers.com today!

Chugolug: These guys are ******* bad***.

Hobson: Ahh good times when i had a server here

Plasma: Great servers and cheap.

Pepsi: I just also wanted to post here and say thanks, I bought a server from xenon servers aswell.. me and my buddies love it, hell one of my buddies even gets an 8-14 ping in the server and thats pretty **** amazing if i say so myself,other players that live in different areas are like.. “wow i can’t believe i get this good of ping in here” i recommend xenon servers to anyone. They’re a great help when it comes to any questions or assistance that you need with your server. Great pings,great servers, no lag, easy setup. You can have a server set-up in minutes with no problems. I will continue to recommend your servers to friends,family, and others.
Thanks again :)

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